When Bad Things Happen: A Guide to Help Kids Cope

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As parents, teachers, guardians of our children, we try to protect them from life’s many evils.  And yet we can’t – and we mustn’t – shelter our children completely from all hurt.  Truly bad things do happen in life.  Children can be hurt, confused, and sometimes seriously challenged by the death of a dear one, an accident or an illness, the separation of one’s parents, disasters, crime.  “Life is good” is the major lesson of these pages.  it is good despite bad things that happen, because we human beings can learn – even when we are very small – how to cope, how to love, how to grow.

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Truly bad things can and do happen in life. A child’s safe and happy world can shatter from the impact of a serious illness or accident, death or divorce, violence or a natural disaster. And while we cannot shelter children from every hurt and harm, we can begin to calm their fears, ease their sadness, and help them heal. This wonderful little booklet will help teach kids the skills needed for coping with life’s biggest changes and challenges.

By Ted O’Neal. Illustrated by R.W. Alley.

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