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Support Booklets for Veterans & Their Families

It’s common for Veterans and their families to suffer from emotional pain. Here are 3 brand new CareNotes titles that help with some of these issues.

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We’re Coming Up On That Time of the Year

Christmas can be a treasure trove of rich experiences and emotions. However, there are many who don’t hold the season in such high regard. There are many reasons a person might have lost his or her joy. Our booklets and cards offer ways to renew this happiest time of year, showing the enduring, life-giving values that Christmas embodies.

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On the First Anniversary of Your Loss

Grief doesn’t follow a calendar, even though you may feel pressure to move on after one year. Author Linus Mundy writes that the first anniversary of the death of your loved one is a right of passage, that is, giving yourself a right to pass to a new stage in your grieving and healing.

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