Mad Isn’t Bad: A Child’s Booklet About Anger

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Children often do not realize they can make choices when they’re angry or upset.  Even we adult role models can fail to realize that we have choices rather than just to “lose our cool.”  But as children and adults grow in maturity, we come to understand that anger can be dealt with , coped with, and expressed in healthy ways.  May this little booklet of suggestions help the child in your life – and you!

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by Michaelene M. Mundy. Everyone gets angry; it’s part of our human makeup.  We get angry at events and objects, at people we know and people we love(especially) “Anger isn’t bad and sometimes it can even be good” is the message to kids in this thoughtful CareNote. Using simple language, the author explains to kids how they can express their anger in a positive way and choices they have in dealing with their anger.

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