Connect with a CareNote: 5 Ways To Use CareNotes In Your Organization

CareNotes help make difficult conversations easier to navigate by providing uplifting advice in an easy-to-read 5” x 7” booklet. Here are 5 easy ways to incorporate CareNotes into your workplace culture.

1. Make CareNotes Easily Available
Place a CareNotes display of relevant titles in your breakroom, restroom, conference room or reception area. People are more likely to pick up a title when they can do so privately.

2. Reach Out During Times of Grief
It’s never easy to find the right words to say to someone grieving. Handing them a CareNote along with a word of compassion adds a personal touch to a tough situation and shows them you are there for support.

3. A Mental Wellness Check
Check in with your staff every quarter with a relevant CareNote. Distributing it company-wide means you may reach people that could use a boost, but don’t normally ask for help. Use CareNotes as a supplement to your current EAP for additional support throughout the year.

4. Happier Holidays
Recognize that the holidays aren’t always happy for everyone by sending a CareNote at Christmastime. Share a Christmas CareNote to provide compassion and support to those at a time they need it most.

5. Support Through Life’s Stages
Be there for support during every stage of life for your staff. Has someone recently taken on caregiving responsibilities for a loved one? Give them a CareNote that helps them realize they are not alone in their feelings.

CareNotes are available in a variety of topics that address many of life’s challenges. Aging care, health care, family issues, grief and spirit care titles all provide support when it’s needed most.

Browse our entire selection at or call (800) 325-2511 for a complete catalog.

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