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The Four Tasks of Grieving

Grieving, of course, cannot be put into four simple categories for coping, but there are certain aspects or tasks that seem to rise to the top as significant attitudes or steps that point to healing. Grieving is the long and difficult task of letting go of someone who has died and rebuilding your life without that person’s physical presence. It may be the hardest thing you have ever done, but it is absolutely necessary. This CareNote, reminds favorite author, Carol Luebering, will describe four tasks that will help you move along the road to recovery. The tasks? she carefully outlines: Allow time for the reality of your loss to sink in; Gather support; Make adjustments in your life; Find ways to express your loss and memorialize your loved one. You can’t rebuild your life in an instant, the author concludes. But you can take a small step or two at a time.

By Carol Luebering

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