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Living With the Challenges of Type 1 Diabetes

Managing Type 1 Diabetes is a 24-7 job, and like most jobs, it’s accompanied by stresses that can begin to take their toll if not dealt with properly. This CareNote offers guidance for those of any age and at any stage of the disease. An excerpt from this new CareNote: Choose your team carefully. This is vital to your diabetic journey, because you cannot do it alone. Try thinking of this group as your sports team: the coach (your doctor or healthcare provider) calls the plays by prescribing insulin and other treatments; referees (your glucose monitor and lab test results) take an objective view of your progress; trainers (your pharmacist, CDE, or insulin pump representative) supply you with the equipment and supplies you’ll need. You’ll also want cheerleaders (loved ones) to keep your outlook bright. And, of course, you can’t expect to win without your teammates (fellow diabetic sojourners).

By Clair Bradshaw, MSN

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