Living Alone After the Death of a Spouse

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By Karen Katafiasz

-5″x7″ Pamphlet

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CareNotes author Karen Katafiasz writes of the ?new script? for life she was given after the death of her husband. Feeling not only the grief that accompanies loss, but also the confusion of how to function and live alone, she found herself in a role she hadn?t asked for. But eventually, she learned to adapt to this new life, and in this latest CareNote, she offers invaluable ideas for others enduring this difficult time. Helpful sections include: ?Be easy on yourself,? ?Keep what?s working; try something new when it suits you better,? ?Let your home be your sanctuary,? ?Fill your life with other people,? ?Find the value in being alone,? and ?Remember that, ultimately, you are not alone.?

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