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Finding Support as a Military Family

This CareNote is a valuable read for military families, detailing sources of support for the variety of needs that can arise during a family member’s deployment. An excerpt from this CareNote: Creating your own circle of support. Have you established your own circle of family support? Have you alerted family and friends about the upcoming deployment? Don’t be afraid to ask friends for help. Set up a regular time to meet with them for dinner or a movie, or just a chat and a cup of tea. If you have children, include them in your outings when possible, but don’t forget that you will need some adult time just for you. Let your boss know that you will be a single parent for a while and may need some flexibility in your schedule, but don’t take advantage of it. Don’t attempt to take on more than you can manage. While it may appear to be the perfect time to go back to school, repaint the house, and finish that novel you always wanted to write, try one project at a time. Take care of your health – the first person in the family support chain is you and if you miss meals, lose sleep, or become a couch potato, your health will suffer.

By Mary T. Scott

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